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Introducing the Illumifacial, the Next Generation of 'Photofacial'. Also our Clinical Couture IMAGE Skin Peels.

Introducing the new





This next generation highly successful photofacial treatment uses a new and unique combination of specialist skincare together with powerful medical grade IPL Technology to dramatically improve skin tone and appearance.


Illumifacial with IPL Technology

1 hour | £120   |  Course of 4 | £400

Facial redness, veins, pigmentation and age spots, are targeted whilst the skin is strengthened with Collagen Stimulation Therapy.



Skin Rejuvenation with IPL Technology

Single Area | £50   |  Larger/Multiple Areas | from £80

Treat Facial redness, veins, pigmentation and age spots

with visible results from the very first treatment.



These treatments require a Patch Test at least 48hrs prior to appointment.


CACI non-surgical facial treatments

The multifunctional CACI Ultra, has the latest state of art technology to enable your therapist to deliver the ultimate in facial toning and skin rejuvenation.


The CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift is a unique facial toning treatment that not only works to restore and refine facial muscles and contours, by the use of medically proven micro current, it also plumps out and softens deep lines and wrinkles using the CACI wrinkle comb to restore more youthful features once again. It is also effective in treating acne, blemishes and reducing scar tissue.

  • Micro current toning
  • Ultra sonic exfoliation
  • Hydratone Hydration
  • Light therapy regeneration – Red light for collagen, Blue light for Healing
  • Derma plumping wrinkle filler


CACI offers, for the first time, a serious alternative to surgery in an increasingly appearance conscious world. It has a huge celebrity following and is considered to be the most advanced treatment of its type. Its reputation speaks for itself.

The whole face can be treated or you can choose to target specific areas with the Jowl lift or Eye Revive treatments.

Results can be seen from just a single treatment but a course of 10-15 is recommended, 2/3 a week, then just one treatment every 4-6 weeks to maintain results.


CACI  Jowl lift

30 mins £30   |   Course of 10  £270

Targets this problem area. The treatment has been designed to work intensely around the jawline and cheek area.


CACI Ultimate

90 mins | £70   |   Course of 10  £630

This targets all areas of skin concerns with ultra sonic exfoliation, LED light therapy, wrinkle comb and Hydratone

mask, along with all the usual CACI micro current benefits.


CACI Super

75 mins | £60   |   Course of 10  £540

A more intensive version of the above


CACI Ultra including Jowl lift

60 mins £50   |   Course of 10  £450


CACI Eye Revive

30 mins | £30   |   Course of 10  £270

Lift brows, firm, tone and soften lines and crows feet in this delicate area.



30 mins | £32.00 |   Course of 10  £270

This treatment combines the use of an intensive, anti-ageing hydro mask with micro current rollers to hydrate,

restore muscle tone and firmness and propel active products such as collagen, vit C & E and hyaluronic acid deep

into the skin. It instantly soothes, calms and cools the skin. Great for special occasions or after a holiday


Epiderma5 – Dermaroller

A course of treatment is recommended dependent on skin type

1 hour £85 | Course of 3 £210


This relatively new phenomenon has evolved over time from a crude Ancient Chinese device used for scarring and general skin improvement. Dermarolling now leads the way in skin rejuvenation. Rollering the skin with these tiny needles causes a mild degree of trauma, which encourages the skin to heal itself, releasing an abundance of new collagen and epidermal growth factors. Active serums are pushed deep into the epidermis for a maximum skin rejuvenation effect, via the hundreds of tiny punctures created by the roller, which close within seconds after the treatment. Boost new collagen cells. Promote growth factors. Accelerate skin regeneration. Increase product absorption. Improve texture – tone pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Achieve clearer, smoother, brighter skin. Tighten – firm – plump – hydrate. Improves appearance of pigmentation and acne scarring. Treat. Correct. Repair. Protect.


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